Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Walking the Great Wall of China

This year on March 18th-29th I went on a school trip to China and on our last full day in China we got to walk the Great of China. We got up early and were loaded into a bus that would take us to the wall. The drive was around 2 hours. When we finally got to the section of the wall we were going to walk, we notice that there was snow and that it was really, really cold outside. We bought gloves, hats, and started our walk. The Great Wall was amazingly long and tiring. We were given more or less around an hour an a half to walk the walk. It took us much longer to walk up than down. After reaching the 2nd tower, we were tired but determined to reach the 4th tower. We only managed to reach the 3rd tower and a little bit more, but then ran out of time and we had to walk back down to our meeting spot. It was tiring, but it was worth it and the view was amazing. It's an experience I will never forget.

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