Thursday, June 6, 2013

Strawberry Popcorn from the Strawberry Festival

I went to the Strawberry festival in Oxnard on March 19th and I wanted to go again, but I think I forgot to put it on my bucket list. It wasn't as big as the first time I went last year, but at least I got to see some interest stuff and try something new. Around the food court area they were selling strawberry popcorn (needless to say everything at the festival had do with strawberries, so there was strawberry pizza, strawberry nachos, strawberry tacos, strawberry wine, etc.). I decided I wanted to try them and bought a bag. I expected them to taste awful and like a terrible mixture between sweet and sour. But they turned out to be really good! The strawberry flavor wasn't too overwhelming or too strong. To me it seemed just right. I have to say that if they sold this type of popcorn at stores, I'd probably buy it.